Why Eco-friendly Tourism Is Important

In a world where the environment and all its components are being threatened in a major scale, making every possible industry eco-friendly has become extremely important. Most countries in the world today have taken initiatives to make their tourism industries more eco friendly. This is primarily seen in countries that are home to an abundance of nature. Here are a few reasons why the whole world should adapt to eco-friendly tourism very soon.

It’s Healthier
If you take a look at an eco-spa or an eco-resort, they offer a wide array of health benefits. Most eco- destinations minimize the use of synthetic products and try to infuse nature to all its offerings. From rooms that are designed using natural products and food that are natural and nutritious, an eco-resort makes travelling a healthier experience for anyone. If you take a look at a Bintan island resort or a Bali spa situated in Indonesia, these features can be clearly observed.

It encourages sustainability
The survival of the eco-tourism industry depends greatly on the sustainability of mother earth. Therefore, such entities take every effort possible to ensure that the environment is protected. For instance, a Bintan island resort which promotes eco-friendly tourism is highly involved in projects such as turtle protection and mangrove conservation. Theybase all their activities in such a way that it promotes the sustainability of the planet. They also make these conservation sites tourist attraction venues to generate funds for their protection. 

It supports rural communities
Eco- tourism can be used as a tool to supports people in rural communities to overcome high levels of poverty. This is done by encouraging the conservation of the heritage of those communities and providing ways of reutilizing their resources. Costa Rica is a country where this phenomenon can be observed clearly. The country is home to the largest number of environmentally protected areas in the world and thus is among the best sustainable tourist destinations. Studies have shown that eco-tourism has helped in reducing the poverty of the communities in the country in a significant manner.

It may even inspire people
A stay at an eco-resort is bound to make anyone rethink about their contribution towards conserving the nature that surrounds them. It is a great way of spreading awareness on the importance of being eco-friendly. Not only its guests, but an eco-friendly tourism entity can encourage all its stakeholders including large commercial companies to adapt to greener ways. If this is done in a global scale, it could even be a stepping stone towards revolutionizing the entire world to embrace eco-friendly living.